Getting to downtown Burlington from Pearson Airport

Just landed in Toronto? Many visitors to Toronto airports are overwhelmed with how busy Pearson airport is during all hours, day and night. Not everyone are planning to have a taxi service waiting to pick them up from the airport and when existing the gates of the terminal, they often see a long stretching line of people, just like them, waiting for their turn to catch a taxi service from the airport.

Well for some it is not all that bad, as they may be planning on staying downtown Toronto, however for those planning to go outside of Toronto, this extra wait after a long flight is not a perfect way to start the day in Toronto.

There are a few options to consider when arriving at Pearson airport and looking at transportation.

  1. Go to the arrivals and departures information desk and ask for information about taxi, car rental, train and subway options to your destination.
  2. Use the subway.
  3. Wait for a taxi.
  4. Take public transit (bus).
  5. Call for a limousine company.

All are good options, however the more comfortable option is to order in advance and prior to your arrival at the airport a limo service to pick you up when you arrive. No lineup, no wait and it is much more affordable than you would expect. For example a limo ride between the airport and Burlington starts as low as $90 and if you call in advance you may be entitled for further discounts. Pickups from Pearson airport are subject to an additional $15 airport tax paid to the GTAA.

The advantage of booking a limo from and to Pearson airport from and to various GTA locations like Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton etc is that your limo driver will wait to pick you up at the actual time of arrival, skip the long queues at the taxi stand or public transit and hit the road with comfort and luxury for under $100. After a long day of flying, there is no better way to get home.

Getting to and from the Airport Is so Much Easier with a Limo

When you consider the amount of stress you have to go through when you’re flying, with all of the hustle and bustle at the airport to deal with, it just makes a lot of sense to sit back and relax with a limo drive either to or from the airport. After the journey on a plane and the incredible lineups that you have endured, you’re probably more than ready to have some quiet time to unwind. Likewise, if you’re on your way to the airport, an enjoyable ride will help get you prepared for the travel ahead.

Save time and get to your destination quickly

The limo drivers that we provide here at Limo to Air know the cities of Burlington, Oakville and the entire Greater Toronto Area like the back of their hands. They are aware of the fastest routes to get you to your hotel or other final destination as quickly as possible while still ensuring a smooth ride. If there are any traffic delays expected, adjustments can be made to the route so that you don’t end up sitting in a traffic jam for hours on end.

When you’re on your way to the airport you need to know that you’re going to make your flight with plenty of time to spare. If we suspect that there may be any type of traffic tie-ups along the way, we’ll let you know and suggest an earlier pickup time. Getting you to the airport with plenty of time to spare is our goal and you can count on our commitment to this every time you pick up the phone and give us a call.

Our professionals provide a smooth ride

A lot of our clientele need to finish up some business during the ride and we definitely take this into account during the drive. Whether you have to type away on your tablet, text some messages to a business partner or have a few notes to make by hand, will make the ride as smooth as possible to accommodate your needs. Our drivers are trained and experienced in handling a limo so that our passengers feel as if they are gliding along without having to experience a lot of turbulence or severe stop and go movements.

Even if you don’t have business that you need to tie up, it’s always great to relax and enjoy a smooth ride. At Limo to Air, our clients can feel secure about enjoying a last-minute cup of coffee and reading a newspaper during the ride.

Our company is dedicated to getting you to and from the airport as quickly as possible while being able to enjoy all the benefits of a smooth ride.

Forget the Taxi – Call Limo to Air Instead

How many times have you taken a taxi to or from the airport and how many of these times have you been disgusted with the conditions of the vehicle or the driver? Let’s face it – taxis can be quite dirty and uncomfortable and many taxi drivers haven’t taken basic lessons in common courtesy and respect. Instead of putting yourself through the rough ride of a taxi again, you can turn to the limo company that always guarantees a clean vehicle and an exceptional driver.

Our limos are kept pristine

At all times the cleanliness and quality of our limos is kept as a top priority. After every use, the limo driver will inspect the vehicle to make sure that it is 100% clean for the next drive. You keep your own car clean so why would you compromise and drive in a taxi that may not be up to your sanitary standards?

Taxi drivers can be quite rude!

It really hit and miss when it comes to the quality of driver that you’ll receive when you call a taxi. Some taxi drivers around Oakville, Burlington and throughout Toronto aren’t totally conversant in the English language and you may have difficulty understanding what they say. When you’re in a rush, you won’t want to deal with any type of language barrier when you need to get somewhere fast. At Limo to Air, all of our drivers speak and understand English well so that you never have to worry about a communication gap when discussing your travel plans with the driver.

You also won’t have to worry about working with a rude driver. Our limousine operators are trained to put safety first with customer satisfaction right behind it. If you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t satisfied. We’ll do everything within our power to make sure that you have a great ride wherever you’re going.

At Limo to Air we guarantee that our drivers will treat you with all of the respect you deserve and will arrive with a clean car with a courteous driver.

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